Giuseppe La Spada

Giuseppe La Spada is a multimedia artist whose commitment combines Art and Sustainability.
Since 2007, when he won the prestigious Webby Award (the Oscars of the Internet) for an ecology-related project, his research aims to raise awareness in society about environmental issues. In 2009, “Afleur” was included among the works of “Digitalife2” alongside those of Marina Abramovic, Christian Marclay, and others; the event’s image was created by La Spada himself. In October 2015, he presented “Sublimis,” an exhibition on the relationship between humans and water at the Triennale in Milan, with the support of Ryuichi Sakamoto and his unpublished composition “Shizen no Koe” (The Voice of Nature).
In 2018, he presented “Fluctus,” a large suspended plastic wave in the naves of two beautiful churches in Milazzo (Duomo Antico) and Palermo (Santa Maria dello Spasimo), during I-Design, a collateral event of Manifesta 12. Also in 2018, he participated in “Re Use, Scarti, oggetti, ecologia nell’arte contemporanea” (Re Use, Waste, Objects, Ecology in Contemporary Art) alongside works by Man Ray, Duchamp, Burri, Hirst, and others. In 2019, he exhibited the project “Traiettorie Liquide” (Liquid Trajectories) featuring photographs of world skiing champion Federica Brignone. In the same year, he directed the music video for Franco Battiato’s “Torneremo ancora” (We Will Return Again).
In 2020, he conceived “Essere Ecosofia” (Being Ecosophy) for the Creval Foundation, a digital platform hosting artworks and educational tools aimed at creating a new ecology of thought.
In 2022, he collaborated on the sound installation “Playback” curated by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the Dumb Type collective, which was featured both at the Japan Pavilion of the 59th Venice Biennale and at the Haus der Kunst museum in Munich.

He is the Art Director of the Global Network of Water Museums (UNESCO-IHP).
Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (New York).


  • Bio – An unusual visual account of the biography of the reference artist with the support of other artworks
  • Poetic –The skein of the red thread of poetics, of social commitment, of artistic characteristics that binds and connects artists is here dissolved
  • History – Years, which pass. A telescope whose lens will allow you to take part in a transversal view of events in the world of art, culture and humanity starting from a relevant date linked to the biography of the reference artist.